Tuesday, January 2, 2018

How to Choose a Personal Financial Advisor

When you live in a very busy world and everything has to plan very carefully, you definitely need a planner or advisor. There is no way you can manage all things in your life by yourself. There are a lot of things you can think of in life. It is way a lot better if you plan everything beforehand. Although a plan can be messed up, it is proven a lot more successful than unplanned one.  From education, wedding, kids, to even funeral everything need to be planned and so do financial life. We need to plan our finance very carefully that it won’t crash one day because financial crash can be very disastrous, more when we are married people with kids. 

Financial crisis can affect people’s life very tremendously. We can lose everything if we can manage our finance very carefully. However, planning our financial life is not as easy as that. There’s no way we can manage our finance without a planner or advisor. There are a lot to think about that we can’t do it all by ourselves. You need to have a financial advisor. Choosing a personal financial advisor might be very difficult and confusing. There are a lot of things to consider. Here I want to give you tips on how to choose a personal financial advisor.  

Tips to Choose the Best Financial Advisor

A personal financial advisor is a very important for you to have in helping you manage your finance. They have the best advice on how to save, invest and grow your money in the best way. A personal financial advisor can also assist you to deal with your financial goals or provide you a bigger view of your cash and the networking of your assets. They can give you the best advice on how to buy a house or estate planning to your retirement plan. Moreover, they can also give you a consult on various financial matters. So which financial advisor do you need? If you still confused on that matter, I will give you some tips on how to choose a personal financial advisor.

The first thing you need to do is to think whether you really need a financial advisor or not. Perhaps you can manage your money all by yourself for a while. However, having the ability to manage personal finance needs long hours of learning and also research. Can you really do it in your tight schedule? While living in this busy world require us to work hard to earn more money that we barely can do other thing we actually need to do. As time goes by, you get older, busier, and may be wealthier. It changes everything. Your financial goals will change and more complicated than before. To help you set your financial goals you will definitely need a good advisor as they have financial strategies and avoid you from any financial problems. If you really need one, choose the credible, experienced and certified personal financial advisor. Choose the one who has free-only that they don’t receive any commissions at all and an advisor who are available for smaller projects without charging too much.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Best Bank Mobile Wallet for Android

Do you have many cards in your wallet? How many credit cards, debit cards, or other cards in your wallet? I’m sure a lot of you have more than one card in your wallet or purse. The bulk in your wallet can be tiring and looks very distracting. You will need a tool that can help you simplify your cards. You need something that can keep all of your cards without having a bulk. You need something very practical. 

These days, everything are made more practical help us do our activities a lot easier. To keep all your cards in one place but you can access them in one go there might be perfect tool for it. There is now a mobile app that can be the solution to keep all your cards. A mobile wallet comes to you as a replacement of your wallet or purse to keep all your bank cards perfectly. You can access and use all your bank cards easily through your mobile device. The app is very useful for you who live in this modern era. Best bank mobile wallet for android is available for you can choose. 

Perfect Solution for Mobile People

In this modern era, everything is more practical, easy and fast. Everything we can obtain only by using our mobile phone or mobile devices. A lot of mobile apps are created to provide people more services and help people do their activities a lot easier and faster. For you who have more activities in payments or banking that you need to keep more than two cards in your wallet or purse, there will be a perfect app. Best bank mobile wallet for android is the perfect solution for mobile people. There some selection of mobile wallets but only three of them are the most widely used. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay are the three bank mobile wallets currently most widely used. But no worry, there are other options of mobile wallets you can select that work in all devices. Capital One Financial Corporation’s (COF) Capital One Wallet, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.’s (WMT) Walmart Pay,and the ubiquitous Starbucks wallet app are other popular wallet apps.

Choose the best bank mobile wallet for android to manage your credit and debit cards payment transaction. Moreover, this app is also able to track customer loyalty programs and gift cards. It is more than replacing your wallet or purse. It can do beyond your wallet. Furthermore, you may not believe it but this app’s transactions are safer or more secure than by swiping your cards physically. It’s due to the encryption and tokenization this app used. It is for the sake of your convenient and safety. Besides, using this app we can get quick transaction. Mobile pay is completed even more quickly than chip card. Those advantageous can be your considerations in using this bank mobile wallet for android. Select the best app to be put in your mobile device and you can do all the financial activities faster, more practical and more secure than what you used to do with your bank cards.

Friday, December 29, 2017

How to Get Debt Free with No Money ?

Mostly when some people are wondering on how to get debt free with no money, they will not get the satisfying answers. Most websites only tell the people to save up, pay minimum debt regularly, make a list of debts by the laddering system from the debts with the highest interest rate, and even many more. Frankly speaking, those ways are indeed useful and they will obviously work out if the people have a lot of money. In fact, for the people who are stuck in shoestring budget, they need a way out of this problem too. As people who earn low salary and have lots of debts as well, having more unpredictable expense might lead them to more debts. It feels like digging a new hole to cover up the last hole. When the debts keep going up, it will have impacts for your health. 

Impossible to be Debt Free without Money 

Is there a way on how to get debt free with no money? Apparently yes. It is strange but true that there would not be any ways to get out of those chains of debts. Here are the following ways to get rid of debts without money. 

1.      Make habits and be consistent 

Being stuck in debts means you are having a habit that seems positive to you but negative for others. The easiest example is by shopping. Probably shopping is a good thing to release stress, gain more popularity, make new friends, buy new stuffs which are up to date and fashionable, and many more. It seems positive. In fact, when you do more or extraneous activities that may spend more money that you do not really need and that you may not be able to afford, these habits become something negative. Started from now, you need to make habits of spending money. After that you have to be consistent in it. Making a good start of changing the habit seems good but when you do not have consistency in it, it becomes a waste. 

2.      Never avoid the call from loan

The company or the bank will obviously call you to remind you about the debt you have to pay. Moreover, it will be worse when you still have not paid on the due date. When such a case happens to you, never avoid the call from loan. It is because when you do, you will be such a loser. You will still pay for it, maybe it is a little bit late that is why you should never ever avoid the call from loan. Then the bank will give you trust that you need to have. 

3.      Sell something that you do not really need

Having too many things at home might be turned into money. How come? Selling the secondhand stuffs is on trend now. You can have more money with you so that if some other cases happen unexpectedly, you have the money to cover up a little bit. These are three things on how to get debt free with no money.