Friday, December 15, 2017

Financial Plan for Startup Business: Think Long Term Before Acting

Starting up a new business is not an easy thing to handle. You have to think the long term plan before establishing a business. As there are hundreds or even thousands kinds of business, you have to be certain and clear on what kind of business you want to establish. Once you have decided on what business, you will later think on the market share, whether you want to sell and offer your business for the middle class, lower class, or even high class. It is because when you are in the gray area, people as the customers also do not get the aim and purpose of your business in the right way.

Starting up new business also needs financial plan to know how much money you need to save up as the first investment. They need to know how much money to make brand, build image, offer product or service, pay staffs, and prepare the main business itself. Financial plan for startup business will let you all know what it consists of and how to make it in a well-arranged way. 

Preview Financial Plan for New Business 

Financial plan for startup business makes you able to preview the financial plan for new business. First of all, you need to make sales forecast. This sales forecast helps you in describing the next 3 years. You need to differentiate by columns such as the price of your product, prices times quantity (whether there is some kind of discount), unit cost, operational cost, and all things related to selling the products or service. Maybe it is quite complicated to do. In fact, for some people it is quite necessary as by doing this you will know the gross margin. When you think that the gross margin quite benefits you, your productivity will grow and you will feel motivated.

Second, you need to make a list of your assets. This kind of list for showing which one clearly gives profit and which one that does not. For example when you are going to buy a new car for promoting something but apparently it does not give much attraction to the customers. You can later sell this car to change it with other things that may have a chance for attracting other people as consumers. Indeed, the value of the assets will drop down but when you are able to make this asset lists, you will be able to reduce the loss of the money.

Finally, financial plan for startup business will be ended by making analysis. It includes the whole plan from the producing, selling, operating, providing assets, paying the rent, and many more. It underlines the truth behind the business you have established. When it shows the big loss of money, it shows you clearly with the exact money. When the financial plan shows large profits, you will also notice where the money comes from and how much it is. I think having a financial plan for establishing new business can be a good starter for calculating everything.


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