Wednesday, December 27, 2017

How to be Debt Free in a Year?

Being debt free gives excitement that can never be replaced with anything else. You will be free from the heavy chain that burdens your life for years. You will feel like you have a blank sheet of life. Imagine that those piles of debt that had been hanging over you are now removed. No matter what kinds of loans or credit cards, debt is not something you will enjoyably love it. If you are still stuck in a condition where you are in the middle of your tons of loans, you might need to read on how to be debt free in a year. 

Be Free Be Happy

How to be debt free in a year? You can obviously do this when you have focus in your mind and patience. Then you will get the clear result in front of you. First of all, you have to list all those debts you have started from the student loans, car loans, payday loans, credit cards, and all. Next to it you have also to write the interest rate. You can start from the smallest interest rate to the highest interest rate. For me personally, when I write the loan with small interest, it seems easier to pay it off first. Whether or not you are having interest in paying off the higher first, it is still fine anyway. 

Second, in case the emergencies come up, you need to have an emergency saving fund. This fund is used to pay off the emergency. It is out of the previous list that is why you have to save up some money for tackling off the emergency. Unless you have emergency case, this can be used for paying off the debt you have in small amount. 

The next way on how to be debt free in a year is that you need to make minimum payment regularly. you have to pay off your debt, right? That is a fact. Then you need to make the minimum payment that you will take it out from your account monthly. If for example you want to pay off the highest debt with the highest rate, it would be much better for you to give more money for paying each card every single month. Furthermore, if you want to have a good record of your credit, you have to pay for the debt before the closing date rather than the due date. 

After that, you need to make a budget and be consistent. This is quite essential since when you have no budget, you can spend your money buying extra items which you do not really need. As budgeting can now be done by the help of the technology, you need no worry of unable to make a budget. Or when technology is not into you, then you can try the old method by saving the money in piggy bank or in an envelope. Whatever the way you think as the best, you can fit these ways into your life. Hope it really works out to you.


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  4. The most important thing in becoming debt-free is to start paying those debts. Bit by bit, every month or even every week. To make sure you have enough money, take up a freelance part-time job or try saving. It's that easy, but this is what I tell all the people who come to me for advice.


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