Friday, December 8, 2017

How to Combine Finances after Marriage

From time to time, money has been the biggest issue for a married couple. It happens not only for the newlyweds but also couples who have been married for more than decades. Before marriage, everything seems to be fine. Nothing seemed wrong initially. In fact, when time goes by, the money issue will never be able to be avoided. Some married couples even submit their divorce papers due to financial issues. Only a few percentages of couples would survive after having that kind of issue still last on happy marriage. 

However, who wants to ruin the bliss of a marriage over money? One thing they could do to strive for a happy marriage is by combining finances of both husband and wide. The question now is how to combine finances after marriage? Who should take more responsibilities in combining the finances? Keep reading to find the answers. 

Worth to Try

How to combine finances after marriage? After marriage, the expense seems to be uncontrolled. That is why combining finances might help. As two persons belong to a perfect marriage then two persons should be responsible for this plan to be a success. 

1.      Find out where the money is paid for

In order to find where the money goes, you might need to write down a list of your expenses related to household and other stuff. It could be the car installment, credit card payment, annual rent, and many more. You have to be honest in listing all the expenses you need to pay. Then for the discretionary expenses, you can write all of them on the lists such as having your hair cut, eating out, or else. Your spouse should have to do the same thing. After that, you can calculate the total expense you have compared to the salary or the earnings you get monthly. 

2.      Divide or split? 

Being a couple does not mean that the income will be the same as well. There must be someone with bigger salary and the other one comes with lower salary. However, for a good marriage, it would be better if the one with bigger salary pay for more expenses as he or she has more to save up. Meanwhile, the other also has to spare some money from his or her salary to pay the rest of the expenses. It means that both parties have to split the expenses based on how much earnings they get. 

3.      Be fair 

As wife mostly becomes the one who will be responsible for managing the money, you have to be fair with her. Whenever you want to have your own money for personal needs, you have to tell your wife that you want to spare some money and tell her the reasons. In contrast, the wife has to do the same as the husband. Never think that the husband spares some money and so do you. You have to do the same. When you have this kind of thinking, you will never be able to know the key on how to combine finances after marriage.


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