Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Best Financial Advice for Married Couples

As married couples, people do not think of themselves anymore. They will think for themselves and their couples as well. The mindset has changed from satisfying themselves to be having a harmonious family. Well, as the first path of marriage has been passed, everything seems to be on track. Later on, the financial issues might hit them hard when they have no preparation especially plan of finance. Talking about money is not as easy as counting math. Everybody knows that. When we have money on our hands, it seems like the daily needs or the habitual needs seem to grow bigger and wider. Thus, they need to know the best financial advice for married couples.

What You Need to Do?

Fighting over finances is not a good start for married couples. Indeed, they should have prepared the financial plan before coming up with the marriage idea. However, it is not too late to know the financial advice for married couples.

1.      Make joint account and separated account

After getting married, the idea of making a joint account is not a bad idea at all. This account would be the joint account where both husband and wife save the same amount of money as they had already planned for the future investment. However, it is also good idea to have a separate account. As you have probably noticed, man would like to spend his time hanging out with his friends at the gym while the woman prefers going shopping. Spending the money on a joined account will not be a wise solution. That is why the separated account has to do something related to personal need and also personal expense too.

2.      Make list of priorities

One of the best financial advices for married couples is by making a list of priorities. It will tell you which comes first when it comes to money. You can make a list based on the importance of the priorities. Whether it is very essential for your life or it is just a complementary and pleasure only then you yourself will be the judge on it. In order to have strong mind, you need to focus on your goal. That makes you get rid of the useless need and reduce the money flow too.

3.      Save your income

When the joint account and a list of priorities has been made, thinking about saving your income. Well, you might not realize this at present but in the future you will regret for not saving your income for the future investment. As time goes by, you will have no future income that you will use as your modal. You do not want to keep on working when you are 65 years old, right? This may sound so cheesy but when you think it for the long term, it does really make sense. There is no word of late so you can start saving for long term investment in the future. This financial advice for married couples should be on your trying list.


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