Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Most Downloaded Debt Free App

Being debt free means you have stepped forwards to a better future. You will have no burden to let go every single month. You will enjoy your life as you wish that nobody would even ask you to do something. In fact, this is not as easy as it sounds. Well, everybody must have wanted to be debt free. They do not want to keep on paying their debt regularly. They cannot save up as their duty of paying off the debt has not been finished yet. If only there is a helpful technology that facilitates the people to reach financial goals.

List of Debt Free App

Yes, there is a list of debt free app that will help you paying the debt off quickly based on the amount and the time of the payment. Are these apps trusted and they do not leak the personal information? Well, these beneficial apps are totally trusted and even free.

·       1.  Unbury.Me

This is an application that has simple template with its calculator tool. It enables you to count immediately related to your financial issues. It divides the payment systems which are the debt snowball method and also the avalanche method. The choice of choosing the best one relies on the salary you have whether you want the first or the second one. 

·       2.  Debt Eliminator

Compared to Unbury.Me, this debt free app seems to be safer. It is because all the personal information is not going to be saved. You do not even need to fill in your personal information. The only things needed are the number of credit cards, the name of the holder, and also the total of the money or its estimation. It gives the best way showing the number so that you can easily overview one by one based on the card you have. After finishing the entire financial plan, it will give you some suggestions in payment method.

·       3.  Debt Calculator

As it may sound, this debt free app helps you to calculate all your debt and it offers the way on how to pay it off. Sometimes, there are some applications that do not offer the deadline to be out of debt. They only offer the minimum payment monthly and its payment. Obviously this free app will notify you when the right time you will be out of debt.

·      4. Financial Goal

Another debt free app that you can take use for free is called Financial Goal. It has many functions you can get such as for buying a car, paying off a loan, paying off credit card, saving up for retirement, taking a trip or holiday, home improving, buying house and other properties, going for college, and many more. Each button has its own financial plan and you will get yourself out of debt based on the time that this app has planned. When you think that it is quite impossible to hire a helper to take care of your debt, apparently these are the apps you can think of in order to press the interest rate and also live much happier. 


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